NFL Picks – Super Bowl

I dont think that anyone was surprised that that Chiefs and 49ers came out of this week victorious. The Titans had a great run but Mahomes/Reid could be the new Brady/Belichick of the AFC. As for the Packers, they are who I thought they were, the worst 14-4 team the NFL has seen for as long as I can remember. Once faced with a good team, on the road, they fell apart. All in all, this was a pretty lackluster weekend of football.

All thats left is the Super Bowl. Here we have the #1 and #3 ranked teams according to the 64tacos power ranking system. My instinct says to pick the 49ers. They have looked unstoppable since mid December. Not to mention their 8-0 start. However, my heart belongs to the Chiefs. After their 51-7 comeback against the Texans I dont think there is anyone who can keep the Lombardi Trophy from Andy Reid this year.

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