Dude, Ya Wanna Crash the Mall

Why, in the world, dont things just work!? I feel like we have come to a point in time when computers should just be doing what we want them to do. We put people on the moon over 50 years ago! How can it be that default settings are so far from what we actually need. Im not exactly sure how it works but if Facebook can show me Amazon ads for things that I once had a dream about then my scanner should be able to figure out what setting to scan a bank statement to. If I need to install an extension to use a website, why doesnt the browser or website tell me? Or even better, why doesnt Google just install it when it reads the email that Im going to be on a video conference. When Neil Armstrong took that first step on the moon he didnt have to worry about if there was oxygen on the moon. NASA already knew and gave a him space suit before he left. Why do I have to tell my smartphone that I want links to open in Chrome, not in the app that they came from!

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