Ooh, You Make Me Live

From time to time I will hear someone say something to the effect of: Shes more than my wife, shes my best friend. <3 :-* Others will say that they want their children to be their best friends.

I have some really good friends. They can be counted on one hand. People that I can rely on in tough times. Those that I choose to spend the good times with. People that I would help in just about any situation. I dont know that I have a “best friend” but any one of these select individuals could fit the bill. Beyond them, I dont really have anyone I would consider a friend. Sure, there are a few hundred Facebookians on my friend list but I dont know that I would invite any of them to my house. Not to mention, none of them have invited me to theirs.

My wife and son, on the other hand, Ive decided to have them in my life for all things. I stood in front of all of our friends, family and the gods and proclaimed my love for her for all of them to witness. To share a home with. To share hopes and dreams with. To raise and teach the ways of the world. To grow old with. To take care of. I would do anything for these two. Anything and more.

My wife is more than my best friend, shes my wife. My son is more than my best friend, he is my son. Stop devaluing your relationships with your family.

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