NFL Picks – Early Season

Well, it took a little while to get here but all the teams have finally played 4 games. Looking at you Tennessee.. And since we officially have a quarter of the season in the books, its time for some early season picks.

AFC East – Bills (4-1)
The Bills are tied for first in the power rankings and they dont have to worry about Tom Brady this year. Thats not to say that the Patriots cant find a groove with Newton but theyre going to need to get it together soon.

AFC North – Ravens (4-1)
This is going to be a division to keep tabs on. The Browns are actually good this year. The Ravens have one of the most exciting to watch young quarterbacks, who is also last seasons MVP. The Steelers havent played anyone good yet but they also havent lost.

AFC South – Titans (4-0)
The Texans havent had the easiest schedule but they have also looked awful. The Titans, however have been on fire ever since Week 17 last year losing only one of 8 games. A loss to the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs in the conference championship.

AFC West – Chiefs (4-1)
I know they just lost to the Raiders and that could be the difference between a bye week and playing as a wildcard team come January. But, I think that Mahomes and Reid could do something that very few teams have done and win back to back Super Bowls.

NFC East – Eagles (1-3-1)
I dont toss around the term “dumpster fire” willy-nilly (yes I do, I use it at lease once a season) but its the only way to describe this division. It wont surprise me if the Eagles take the division with a 7-8-1 record.

NFC North – Packers (4-0)
The Packers started by destroying the Vikings and Lions. Ultimately, this division will be decided in the snow. The Bears are playing in Lambeau in late November and then host the Packers week 17.

NFC South – Saints (3-2)
I dont know if Brady makes the playoffs this year. I do know that the Falcons wont. This division is another one to keep a close eye on. Who knows, maybe the Panthers have found their way and will sneak their way to the top.

NFC West – Seahawks (5-0)
The Seahawks have yet to play in division so its hard to say how theyll do but its hard to pick against an undefeated Russell Wilson.

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