NFL Picks – Mid Season

OK, we are half way through the season and teams are starting to reveal their true nature. Lets take a look at where the divisions are sitting.

AFC East – Bills (7-2)
The Bills are comfortably in first place for the first time this millennium.

AFC North – Steelers (8-0), wildcard – Ravens (6-2), Browns (5-3)
The Steelers may have had an easy first few weeks but the second quarter of the season was brutal and they remain undefeated. Its going to be tough for the Browns and Ravens to catch up but it wont surprise me if we see all 3 teams in the playoffs.

AFC South – Titans (6-2)
The Titans have a 1 game lead over the Colts. But, they have not plaid one another yet this season. (How the fuck are teams going half a season without playing everyone in their division?!) They match up twice over the next 3 weeks. Those 2 games will determine who takes the division and who is fighting for a wildcard.

AFC West – Chiefs (8-1), wildcard – Raiders (5-3)
The Chiefs are still my favorite for going to the Super Bowl this year. Yeah, the Raiders could still take the division but they wont.

NFC East – Eagles (3-4-1)
And the worst team to make the playoffs this season is….

NFC North – Packers (6-2), wildcard – Bears (5-4)
The Packers started by destroying the Vikings and Lions. Ultimately, this division will be decided in the snow. The Bears are playing in Lambeau in late November and then host the Packers week 17.

NFC South – Saints (6-2), wildcard – Buccaneers (6-3)
Well the Bucs sure did make some good moves these last few weeks. At least until they had to face the Saints again. Holy cow did they get their asses handed to them.

NFC West – Seahawks (6-2), wildcard – Rams (5-3)
This is another division that could send 3 teams to the playoffs this year. If the Seahawks hope to do anything in the post season they are going to have to figure out how to play some defense.

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