NFL Picks – Wild Card Week

Here we go! There are 6 games this year in the Wild Card week and I feel like we are only a few seasons away from there being 8. Lets see what weve got going on.

Colts (11-5) @ Bills (13-3)
I think that the one team that might be able to stop the Chiefs this year is the Bills. They probably wont meet up until the Conference Championship. The Colts did a lot better than I thought this season but shouldnt be much of a challenge for the Buffalo. Sorry, Rivers, Bills for the win.

Rams (10-6) @ Seahawks (12-4)
Im not entirely convinced by either of these teams is going to make it very far. L.A. has the defense you want in the playoffs but are playing with a back up or not fully recovered quarterback. Seattle has one of the best QBs in the game but a garbage defense. Im going to have to go with defense in the playoffs, Rams for the win.

Buccaneers (11-5) @ Football Team (7-9)
Why is Washington in the playoffs? The NFL has got to do something about this. No, Im not saying that the Cardinals (the only team that didnt make the playoffs in the NFC with a better record) should be in the playoffs at 8-8. But, The Dolphins are done for the year despite have a very tough 10-6 season. In the 64tacos power rankings the Football Team are sitting at 21st. They should done. The NFL needs to abandon this archaic conference and division system for determining who plays in the post season. Bucs all the way!

Ravens (11-5) @ Titans (11-5)
Last year the Titans stunned the world by knocking the league MVP and his Ravens out of the playoffs in the Divisional round. I would argue that this Tennessee team is better and Baltimore has lost their edge this year. My money is on the Titans this year.

Bears (8-8) @ Saints (12-4)
How in the world did an 8-8 team make the playoffs as a wildcard team. This is basically a bye week for the Saints. WTF NFL? Youre better than this. New Orleans over Chicago. Dont even watch the game.

Browns (11-5) @ Steelers (12-4)
The Steelers are going to have Roethlisberger back and they will have home field advantage. However, they have lost 4 of 5 games and the Browns are accustomed to playing in Pittsburg in adverse weather. Cleveland should get their first playoff win this millennium.

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