NFL Picks – Conference Rounds

Buccaneers (13-5) @ Packers (14-3) – Buccaneers
I have been underwhelmed all season by the Packers. I feel like they kinda got an easy path to the playoffs this year. That may not be true. But, they did get to play my Lion twice so that was 2 free wins. I also, for some stupid reason, picked the Bucs to lose last week. However, I also said that the winner of the Buc/Saints game would be moving on to the Superbowl and Im going to stick with that.

Bills (15-3) @ Chiefs (15-2) – Chiefs
Back in December I would have given this game to the Chiefs without hesitation. Its not that I didnt think the Bills would make it to the Conference championship, but the Chiefs looked unstoppable. But, with 2 weeks of playoffs behind us, I think the Bills have a chance. Especially if Mahomes is out or not at 100%. With all of that said, I am going to stick with my earlier prediction of the Chiefs winning this one.

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