NFL Picks – Super Bowl

Here we are, one game left in the season. On one side we have a young quarterback with all the talent in the world who is hoping to start up the next NFL dynasty. On the other side is probably the greatest person to play the quarterback position in the twilight of his career trying build on his legacy one more time.

During the regular season the Chiefs dominated. It didnt matter where they played. And then in the playoffs they continued to dominate. Ive said it all season. This team is the one to bet on for going to the Super Bowl.

The Bucs had some trouble with the Saints during the regular season. Had they won either of those matchups they would have won the division. Though, at 11-5, they didnt exactly sneak into the playoffs. And they overcame that and ended the Saints season in the divisional round. The Bucs also have the unique distinction of being the only team to ever play a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

I dont know who wins this one. My gut tells me that I should pick the Bucs. Never pick against Brady in the post season, right? But then I look at what the Chiefs have done this season and I feel like I have to go with them. They already took down the Bucs earlier this season, why should I think they wont do it again. In the end, Im going to say that Brady sets a new record. After his 10th appearance he will have the record for most Super Bowl wins, 6, and losses, 4 (tied), in NFL history. I pick the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LV.

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