Crawling Back to You

I just spent the the last 5 minutes in my car, in my garage, fuming. I just spent the last 5 minutes sitting in my car, in my garage, stuffing my face with a large fry and small shamrock shake. I just spent the last 5 minutes in my car, in my garage, listening to Crawling Back to You by Tom Petty.

On my way home I passed the worst McDonalds in town. I hate this place. The service is terrible and the food, even by McDonalds standards, is never good. But, its that time of year. Shamrock shake time. So I did a quick turn and pulled up to the speaker, ordered my shake and a large order of fries. The person in the box told me my total was $6.55. What.. The.. Fuck?!

I ate the fries and sipped my shake on the way home. Its a short drive so I had about half of my order left when I pulled in. Then I remembered, theres a 12 year old in there and hes going to want to eat some of my fries. Well guess what, kid. Those are my fries. I spent a small fortune on them. My hard earned money. Fries worth their weight in gold. If you want fries, get a job you free loader! So I shoved My Precious into my face and sucked down my shake as quickly as I could, in hopes that I would not be discovered.

When I pulled into the driveway one of my favorite songs, Crawling Back To You by Tom Petty, came on. And as I ate my anger, as I relished in the perfect balance of the salty, greasy, hot fries and cool, sweet, minty shake, I listened to my old friend Tom. I listened to his words. These words I have heard many times.

Hey baby, there’s something in your eyes
Tryin’ to say to me
That I’m gonna be alright if I believe in you
It’s all I want to do

I keep crawling back to you
I keep crawling back to you

And I will. I will keep crawling back to McDonalds. No matter how bad the service is. No matter how over priced their product is. No matter how unethical their business practices are. I will go back.

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