What Would OJ Do

The site used to feature an “advice column” where people could write in and get advice from hall of fame running back O.J. Simpson. It was at the turn of the century so the murder trial was still fresh in everyones minds. This weeks Throwback Thursday revives that bit. This post originally appeared in October of 2002.

Proper Procedures

Dear OJ,

I have been working with an internet company for some time now. The company was great for easily getting my profile on the web. I didn’t have to give them any layout instructions or even much information about myself. They just seemed to do everything the way I wanted it.Then one day I noticed they had put some very unwanted pictures on the site. I tried calling the company to request them to take the pictures off, but they said they wouldn’t do business over the phone – only thru email. A friend of mine worked for the company and said he would email the CEO directly to expedite my request. After a small dispute over how to correct the matter, the CEO explained the proper procedures to my friend. But before he could even execute the CEO’s instructions, he was fired! I don’t even think that’s legal, let alone fair.What should I do?


Dear Steve,

I don’t know that much about what’s fair or legal but I can tell you that being associated with murder will get you fired from your job quicker than you can say not guilty.


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