Stop buying shitty white cotton socks. They are the worst! They constantly fall down. They look horrible. Your feet stink when you wear them and they dont last.

Women LOVE men in dress socks. Just sayin.

I have not purchased a pair of cotton socks in a very long time. Instead, I wear the multitude of nylon/spandex/synthetic dress socks I have acquired over the years. I dont know why I have so many of them. But my feet are much happier in them. And if I ever run out of dress socks I will be surprised because they are remarkably resilient.

That said, my heart and feet truly belong to wool socks. Over the last 3-4 years I have purchased exclusively wool socks. They come in many different styles. You can get them in muted colors or any pattern you could imagine. They are extremely durable. In fact, many of the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on them. They fit much better and they dont smell bad because they are antimicrobial.

So, stop buying shitty white socks. Make an investment in some good wool socks. Also, wear those dress socks that youve been hording. Your feet will thank you. And so will anyone who has to smell them!

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