Friday Night Playlist – Chris Cornell Played it Best

Chris Cornell is probably best known as the front man of the Seattle grunge band Soundgarden. I would argue he is the greatest vocalist to come out of the grunge scene and one of the best of all time. Take some time tonight to listen to some songs that werent written by Mr. Cornell or […]

Friday Night Playlist: Aerosmith Songs Youve Never Heard

Sure youve heard Dream On and Love In An Elevator and that dreadful cover of I Dont Want To Miss A Thing. Hell, there are probably more than a dozen songs from the Bad Boys From Boston you could name. Well, here are 2 dozen Aerosmith songs you probably havent heard.

Friday Night Playlist: Plugged-In In New York

In the mid 90’s, back when MTV was still a music station, the network recorded one of the greatest albums of all time, MTV Unplugged in New York by Nirvana. Its a chilling acoustic set where Kurt and the boys not only played several of their own hits but played their version of several other […]