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The New 1's

Fourward (as neil would say it)

The New 1's are a set of inside jokes that, for one reason or another, was written down on several pages of lined notebook paper. They were primarily documented by the basement dweller, Montel. He, along with several other teenaged boys would hang out in the basement playing Dungeons & Dragons, video games, and playing music in a band. There are several reoccurring topics. These include making fun of the way people mispronounce things, a list of all of the “Dons” that could be remembered, dictations of Larry Notes, movie and video game references, and all manner of things that teenaged boys in the 90s found entertaining. Regrettably, there are also several instances of culturally insensitive material. After much deliberation, we decided to include them as this is a snapshot of a culture at a certain point in time. 64tacos has evolved since this time and acknowledges their problematic nature.

The New 1's Remixes

The audio New 1's recordings were remixed with techno music backing tracks by katohater in the early 2000s. Find them available to stream on your favorite streaming service: The New 1's Remixed

The New 1's

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