Church’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Ever since Popeye’s created their chicken sandwiches, the world has gone nuts for the chicken sandwich. Chik-Fil-A always had a great chicken sandwich, but as soon as Popeye’s started having chicken sandwich shortages, every one wanted in on the fun.

So, I was not surprised at all when I saw that Church’s Chicken had a new chicken sandwich. I prefer the spicy versions when possible, because I like it when my scalp starts to perspire.

It has a “honey butter brioche bun,” which was kind of terrible. I wish they had put it on a larger version of their honey butter biscuits, because those things are truly amazing.

The chicken patty itself was ok, but not very juicy and the breading wasn’t nearly as good as their tenders.

It wasn’t that spicy and there were way too many pickles.

This was the worst chicken sandwich I’ve had since the chicken sandwich wars have begun and I have had the Jack-In-The-Box “cluck sandwich.” Stay very far away from this monstrosity. Eat only if you are starving in an apocalypse and you can’t scavenge for anything else.

The Lions Rebuild, part 1

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Ah, yes, I am familiar with the Detroit Lions. This is the rebuild that feels the closest to infinite. The record here is pretty ugly. Last championship? In 1957. Last playoff win? During the 1991 season. Last playoff trip? 2016. Since the infamous 0-16 2008 season, just three playoff appearances (2011, 2014, 2016) and, of course, zero wins. Hell, the coach with the most wins in franchise history, Wayne Fontes, has a losing record (66-67). Oh, yeah, and the Curse of Bobby Layne! Layne led the Lions to three NFL championships from 1952 to 1957, and then was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers mid-season in 1958 (genius move!) Perhaps apocryphally, he said the Lions wouldn’t win another championship for 50 years. It appears he undersold his curse ability a little.

Needless to say, it’s been a tough team to follow since Barry Sanders retired. Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, and Jason Hanson have been great to watch and support, but real success has eluded the team for a long time.
So what should we look at when predicting an escape from this cycle? I’m thinking the three main parts of a team are the management (including the owner), the coaching staff, and the players. Let’s begin at the top.

Detroit Lions ownership philosophy :1961-2014

Lions fans love to complain about the Ford family’s terrible ownership tenure. William Clay Ford, Sr bought the team in 1961. Hmm, is there maybe a bit of correlation to the long fallow period there? Let’s just say he is not fondly remembered for his football acumen. When the Notorious W.C.F. died in 2014, his widow, Martha Firestone Ford, inherited the team. She is by all accounts a lovely and decent person. Her main edict to the only GM she hired (Bob Quinn) was to sign good character people and avoid players who have had legal and/or moral issues. And, hey, I’m all for this! Winning would be cool, too, but it’s nice to cheer for admirable people! Martha retired from running the team in 2019. Her daughter, Sheila Ford Hamp, has now taken over as principal owner.

Two things I like about Sheila: First, she seems to be emotionally involved while watching the team from the owner’s box. Martha seemed pretty stoic as an owner and often wore dark sunglasses obscuring how she was reacting. I honestly remember almost nothing about WCF’s presence, either on T.V. or in interviews. I’m sure he attended games and said things about the team at some point, but I’m not sure I can actually prove it. And second, she has been reaching out to former Lion greats like Barry Sanders and Chris Spielman to be a part of the process when it comes to football decisions. She seems to be involved with things, but listening closely to the experts she brought in. Seems pretty obvious, but a good sign, I think.

OK, we’ll turn towards the front office, coaches, and players next week; I’ll try to avoid reaching War and Peace length here. But so far, I think the ownership under the leadership of first Martha, and now Sheila, is trending up!

Episode 043 – These are Nacho Fries

Coheed and Cambria – Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

The year was 2005 and Coheed and Cambria released their most ambitious rock opera album about violence and a writer trying to understand his story that has grown bigger than himself. It is also the album that always comes to mind when talking about long album titles.

If I had to pick one word to describe this album, I’d say it should be “Epic,” because it is just a sprawling rock journey from start to finish. It rocks hard and balances pop songs with the multi-layered prog parts.

To this day, I can easily put this record on and play the whole thing through without feeling like it wastes my time. Even the more ballady sentimental numbers like Wake Up and The Suffering manage to still eviscerate the listener in various ways.

What strikes me the most about this album is how it is very much a re-hash of various styles and artists that came before, but also it brings a whole lot of new melody and energy to the table. There are echoes of Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Yes, and Led Zeppelin to name a few. It still manages to find its own voice, while being the ultimate love letter to classic prog rock.

Hobo Dinner

This recipe takes many forms and is a campfire cooks go to for easy and delicious. Traditionally its ground beef, potatos, carrots and onions. Jack and I made it last weekend with smoked sausage for the meat and peppers instead of carrots. Make it however you want. there is no right way to make it. Just make sure that your meat is cooked all the way through and that your veggies are cut to an appropriate size so that they become tender. Also, make sure your foil packet is properly sealed!


  • Ground Beef
    • Feel free to use any ground meat or smoked sausage.
  • Potatoes, diced to about 1/2 inch cubes
    • We typically use russets but white, yellow, or redskin work too.
  • Carrots, sliced
  • Onion, diced
  • Feel free to substitute any veggies you want.


  1. Precut as much as you can before you head out to the woods to reduce clean up and gear needed.
  2. Build a fire and let it burn down to coals.
  3. Place all ingredients on a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil. (You can double up the foil if you dont have heavy duty available.)
  4. Wrap foil around ingredients so that none of the food is exposed and everything is secure.
  5. Place on coals for about 30 minutes. The food should sizzle for about 5 minutes. Times will vary depending on outdoor and fire temperatures.

Arab Strap – As Days Get Dark

There is just something delicious about Scottish rock music. Maybe it’s the way that Scottish singing (or more sing-talking in this case) really brings out the Scottish accent. It’s especially nice when the lead singer has a deeper voice.

I guess this band has been around since the mid-1990s and this is their first album in 16 years.

It’s classified as Indie Rock (whatever that even means), but it’s got lots of vibes going on from 80s dance to post rock.

I think my favorite track is “Compersion, Pt. 1” with the revolving rhythm guitar, disco style beat, and subtle lead guitar wisps.

At times, the drum sounds seem like rather odd choices when it sounds like it could have been produced in the late 80s/early 90s, but it kind of works. My only complaint is that I’d like a little more singing and a little less talking, but that’s just me.

The Past, The Present, and The End

This playlist is about the journey through a relationship. The joy and the sorrow of love. Looking back at what was had. Looking back on what was lost. Remembering what should have been. Trying not to make the same mistakes. Trying to move forward.

McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The fast food chicken sandwich wars rage on and I am what you might call the collateral damage. That anal-ogy makes no sense.

Start over. Ok, McDonald’s recently introduced their own chicken sandwich as direct competition for Popeyes’ world famous chicken sandwich and the growing chicken sandwich marketplace.

Never mind the fact that McDonald’s already has plenty of chicken sandwich options in varying degrees of “No, thank you. I will pass.”

This new sandwich has some sort of fancy pants toasted potato roll, a lightly breaded fried chicken patty, some pickles, and a spicy sauce.

The spicy sauce is plenty spicy, but also they put too much on so, it kind of overpowered the whole thing. The pickles were average. The chicken wasn’t anything special either, but clearly they were trying to be different from their other chicken sandwich offerings.

I thought the bun was going to be brioche or something fancy pants like that, so it was a bit of a surprise to find out it’s a potato roll. I know this is McDonald’s, so it’s already peasant food, but jeez. Can you at least pretend like I’m royalty, so I’m not reminded how pathetic I am for eating your food?

A Song of Ice and Fire

Back in the old days we spent a lot of time formatting and writing html and making our own themes. This was before the days of WordPress and all of the blogging fun. These are the header images from two of my favorite themes we had. Fire Tacos and Ice Tacos.