MLB Power Rankings – Week 12

The Astros had a great week, sweeping the As and Royals. They almost managed to catch the Yankees. The Royals, however, lost all of their games this week and almost caught the Orioles in last place.

1NY Yankees85446-21Same
5Atlanta41842-29Up 3
6Milwaukee41642-29Down 1
7Chi Cubs40640-28Down 1
8Arizona28939-32Up 1
9Philadelphia22537-32Up 5
11LA Angels17938-34Down 4
12Cleveland11737-33Down 1
13LA Dodgers8337-33Up 3
14Oakland7136-36Up 1
15St. Louis6337-32Down 2
16San Fracisco835-37Down 4
17Pittsburg-7935-36Up 1
18Tampa Bay-9433-38Up 3
19Colorado-13434-37Down 2
21NY Mets-15830-38Down 2
22San Diego-17334-40Same
24Detroit-24836-37Up 1
25Texas-32229-44Down 1
28Chi White Sox-87724-46Same
29Kansas City-100622-49Same
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Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

I watched the first Pacific Rim, because I like director Guillermo del Toro, but I found it to be fairly underwhelming. This sequel was not directed by del Toro, only produced. I wasn’t really looking forward to watching it, and maybe the lowered expectations helped make it more enjoyable. At the core, it is a larger-than-life special effects driven robot/mech movie and that’s really all you get. The characters aren’t very fleshed out or memorable. John Boyega plays the main character and when his sister dies, there is very little emotion or care involved. The dialogue is cringe-worthy at parts and some of the situations or events that lead to various other situations are beyond predictable. The cliches are strong with this one.

The visuals are good and it started out OK. I just want more substance and less of the throwaway stylistic action special effects. This movie is an improvement over the first, but it only goes so far. It could be so much better with just a little bit more character development and engaging story.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Watch it!

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MLB Power Rankings – Week 11

The Red Sox had a tough time with the AL Central this week and as a result dropped to their lowest rank since week 3. The Indians continue their slow climb. Soon they may be ranked where a division leader should be ranked. The rest of the AL Central continues to disappoint though.

1NY Yankees71441-18Up 1
2Houston63540-25Up 1
3Boston60443-21Down 2
4Seattle46140-23Up 1
5Milwaukee36938-25Down 1
6Chi Cubs34336-24Up 1
7LA Angels27636-28Up 3
8Atlanta26536-27Down 2
9Arizona25533-29Up 2
10Washington23935-26Down 2
11Cleveland17233-28Up 3
12San Fracisco12732-31Up 3
13St. Louis11334-27Down 4
14Philadelphia10932-29Down 2
15Oakland9733-31Down 2
16LA Dodgers-232-31Up 4
17Colorado-3832-31Down 1
19NY Mets-11227-33Down 2
20Toronto-12928-35Up 1
21Tampa Bay-15228-34Down 2
22San Diego-16129-36Up 1
23Minnesota-21227-33Down 1
28Chi White Sox-70721-40Up 2
29Kansas City-75521-43Down 1
30Baltimore-81019-45Down 1
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Thor: The Dark World

Watch it.

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MLB Power Ranking – Week 10

The Astros are starting to separate from the pack and join the leaders. Though, they still have some catching up to do. The Mets continue to fall while the AL Central leading Indians inch into the top half.

2NY Yankees55737-17Same
5Seattle34437-22Up 1
6Atlanta33435-24Down 1
7Chi Cubs26933-23Up 4
8Washington20033-25Up 2
9St. Louis18132-25Up 3
10LA Angels17332-28Down 2
11Arizona15731-27Up 3
12Philadelphia13431-26Down 5
13Oakland12531-29Down 4
14Cleveland4930-28Up 2
15San Fracisco2629-30Up 5
16Colorado2230-29Down 1
17NY Mets-527-30Down 4
18Pittsburg-1830-29Down 1
19Tampa Bay-4828-30Down 1
20LA Dodgers-9629-30Up 4
21Toronto-14226-33Down 2
22Minnesota-15125-30Down 1
23San Diego-19827-34Down 1
24Texas-24425-37Down 1
25Detroit-26928-31Up 1
26Miami-44820-39Down 1
28Kansas City-55621-38Up 1
29Baltimore-65217-41Down 1
30Chi White Sox-67318-38Same
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Snatched (2017)

I used to really enjoy Goldie Hawn comedies of the olden days. Movies like Overboard  and Housesitter were fun and full of laughs. Part of me hoped that Snatched would bring a fresh twist to classic comedy that the genre desperately needs. Nope.

There are virtually no laughs to be had. Most of the jokes rely on raunchy humor, which I usually enjoy, but there is no comedic timing. It’s like it just keeps throwing jokes at you with a “here, take this!” kind of approach. Basically, when drunk Amy Schumer climbs into bed with her mom and rips a massive fart, you know you are in trouble. And I like farts!

The story itself is ridiculously ham-fisted. Schumer loses her job, then her boyfriend, and drags her mom on a trip to South America. While they are “enjoying” themselves, things run amok when they are kidnapped by drug dealers or something along those lines. It’s hard to get a handle on things when your brain is basically reduced to mush after the first 30-40 minutes of wasted screen time.

Schumer is just not that funny, no matter how hard she tries. Goldie does her thing as best she can, but neither her or Schumer’s characters are particularly likable. The brother character played by Ike Barinholtz is about the only likable schmuck in the whole thing and he is on screen maybe 20 minutes.


Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Disney really messed up on this one, but it’s not a terrible movie. The problem is they metaphorically had Greedo shooting first. A Han Solo prequel story was never going to be some big, epic blockbuster. They should have had a little more foresight to understand that and plan accordingly.

It should have been a small story without all the bombast and excessive plot cramming. The movie is 2 hours and 15 minutes long for cripes’ sake. All they needed to do was establish the character, give him something big to do that plays to his character’s development arc, and throw in a couple little references for the fanboys. It should have been 1 hour and 45 minutes long, tops.

The cast was great, but Alden Ehrenreich wasn’t exactly the most convincing Han. It’s not really his fault, because Harrison Ford is one-of-a-kind. Woody Harrelson was incredible as usual. Donald Glover also played a suave Lando Calrissian and nailed it like only Donald Glover could.

Then there was Lando’s sidekick droid, L3, who was probably the most annoying part of the whole movie. The cinematography was too dark at times and it felt like canned Star Wars. I’m sure Disney wants to maintain some sort of consistency across the Star Wars cinematic universe, but let the filmmakers get creative. Finally, I also felt like there were just too many action scenes and not enough chances for the characters to breathe. It’s like so many big budget summer movies where the characters are doing lots of things, but they aren’t solidifying to where the audience feels connected and thus gives a shit what happens to them.


Iron Man 3

Watch it.

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The Avengers

Watch it!

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