NFL Power Rankings – Week 10

The Saints, Rams and Chiefs are in an unprecedented tie for 1st at the end of Week 10. Not only that, but they are significantly ahead of the rest of the pack. The Eagles and Lions are the biggest losers this week, dropping 4 spots. Several teams moved up 3 spots this week. Most notable of them was the Steelers with a big win over the Panthers.

1Saints39810Up 2
1Rams39910Up 1
5Steelers23621Up 3
6Chargers22720Down 1
7Panthers15630Down 2
8Bengals14540Down 1
9Redskins13630Up 1
10Texans11630Down 1
11Bears9630Up 1
12Vikings7531Down 2
13Titans6540Up 3
14Packers3441Up 3
16Falcons-2450Down 3
16Dolphins-2550Down 2
18Seahawks-4450Down 1
19Cowboys-7450Up 3
20Buccaneers-8360Down 3
21Eagles-9450Down 4
22Colts-10450Up 1
23Browns-12361Up 3
24Broncos-14360Up 1
24Jaguars-14360Down 3
26Bills-16370Up 2
27Lions-18360Down 4
29Giants-25270Up 1
30Jets-29370Down 3
3149ers-34280Down 1
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NFL Mid Season Picks

Were half way through the season and have had a good look at what the divisions are looking like. Here are my updated picks.

AFC East: Patriots (7-2)
The Patriots have a 2 game lead and the one of the easiest schedules left in the season. Oh, and they have Brady and Belichick.

AFC North: Bengals (5-3)
The Steelers are hot right now but I still think the Bengals can pull it off. Their schedule is easier. They will have to beat the Steelers in week 17.

AFC South: Jaguars Texans (6-3)
The Texans are on a roll. 6 straight wins and a pretty easy second half of the season. Not to mention, none of the other teams showed up.

AFC West: Chiefs (8-1)
“The Chiefs are the best team in the league right now. The Chargers could make something happen but I dont think theyll take the division.” #StillTrue

AFC Wildcard: Chargers (6-2), Steelers (5-2-1)

NFC East: Redskins (5-3)
The Redskins have had a good second quarter.

NFC North: Bears (5-3)
I still think this division will come down to week 17. The Lions have surrendered but the other 3 teams are all contenders.

NFC South: Saints (7-1)
The Saints are on fire and the Panthers are hot on their tail. The Falcons, despite their horrible start, are still in it too. The South could send 3 to the playoffs.

NFC West: Rams (8-1)
With the burden of an undefeated season off of their shoulders, the Rams will continue to dominate in the west.

NFC Wildcard: Panthers (6-2), Vikings (5-3-1)

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 9

The top 4 is tightening up. The Saints had a huge win against the Rams, ending their undefeated record. The Titans had the biggest gain with a win against the Cowboys. If the Raiders had more spots to drop they would have. Luckily for them, you cant get lower than last.

1Chiefs34810Up 1
2Rams32810Down 1
4Patriots27720Down 1
5Chargers17620Up 2
7Bengals16530Down 2
8Steelers15521Up 1
9Texans9630Up 1
10Redskins7530Down 3
12Bears6530Down 2
13Falcons5440Up 5
14Dolphins4540Up 2
15Ravens-1450Down 1
16Titans-2440Up 5
17Eagles-3440Up 2
17Seahawks-3440Down 4
17Packers-3341Down 3
17Buccaneers-3350Down 1
21Jaguars-8350Up 3
22Cowboys-11350Down 2
23Colts-12350Up 2
25Broncos-13360Down 3
26Browns-15261Down 1
28Cardinals-20260Up 1
3049ers-24270Up 2
30Giants-24170Up 1
32Raiders-33170Down 2
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Bohemian Rhapsody

Watch it!

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Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

There’s a reason I was putting off reviewing this one. It’s a real stinker.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode for the first 10 minutes before Michael kills her. Then we’re on to the next part where a group of college students (a.k.a. fresh meat) are going on a reality TV adventure on Halloween. They are told they will be spending a night in Michael Myers rundown childhood home and the whole thing will stream live on the internets (because it’s 2002).

Things start out with everyone having a great time and oh, how spooky the house is. Then Michael shows up and jump scare after boring murder later, the movie ends suddenly and I am thankful for that.

The characters are so completely hollow that you are just waiting for them to get slaughtered. The premise is ridiculous even for 2002, complete with some of the most laughable tech I’ve ever seen. They spend 5 minutes showing off all the camera gadgets like they are the most amazing inventions they have ever seen.

There aren’t many good¬†Halloween sequels and this one is at the bottom of the list. You can probably take a shit that is more entertaining.


Available to stream on Max Go

NFL Power Rankings – Week 8

The Rams escaped the Packers to remain undefeated. The Lions drop 6 spots by blowing another chance to prove that they are a legitimate team in their loss to the Seahawks. The Texans are on a roll jumping 6 spots this week for a total of 20 spots over the last 4 weeks.

5Panthers14520Up 2
5Bengals14530Up 1
7Chargers11520Down 2
9Steelers10421Down 2
10Texans4530Up 6
10Bears4430Up 5
13Seahawks2430Up 4
14Ravens1440Down 3
14Packers1331Down 1
16Dolphins-1440Down 4
16Buccaneers-1340Down 2
18Falcons-2340Up 1
19Eagles-3440Up 5
21Titans-5340Down 1
22Broncos-6350Down 2
23Lions-7340Down 6
24Jaguars-8350Down 4
25Colts-11350Up 3
25Browns-11251Down 1
27Jets-13350Down 3
28Bills-16260Down 1
29Cardinals-18260Up 2
30Raiders-22160Down 1
31Giants-23170Up 1
3249ers-24170Down 2
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Triangle (2009)

This is one of those movies that starts simple, becomes mysterious, then rapidly moves into WTF territory. The more you peel back the layers, the more interesting it gets. It seemed like the marketing made it out to be a slasher flick on a boat, but it’s not at all that.

The premise involves a girl named Jess (Melissa George) who goes on a boating trip with some friends. After a bad storm, their boat capsizes and they are hopelessly adrift when a massive cruise ship passes by close enough for them to hop aboard. They quickly find that the cruise ship is deserted and then the fun begins.

Without giving too much away, the story goes off the deep end as Jess discovers things are not what they appear on the ship as a sense of deja vu washes over her. The further you get into the meat and potatoes of the movie, the more invested you become. When it’s over, you kind of want to do it all over again.

The depth in the acting is not apparent at first, but is definitely there. I can’t say it is the most horrific or suspenseful, but everything else makes up for it.


Available to stream from Amazon Prime

MLB Power Rankings – World Series

The Red Sox have been the #1 ranked team since early July. Theyve been 3rd or better since mid April. This is a team that dominated the Yankees (ranked 3rd) and Astros (ranked 2nd) in the playoffs. There is no doubt they are the best team in the league. And now its official. Congratulations Boston on winning the World Series.

3NY Yankees290010265Same
4Oakland25129766Up 1
5Milwaukee250710271Down 1
6Chi Cubs20099569Up 1
7LA Dodgers195410079Down 1
9Tampa Bay13979072Up 1
10Colorado13919275Down 1
12St. Louis10948874Same
16LA Angels1048082Same
19NY Mets-6857785Same
20San Fracisco-10557389Same
25San Diego-22126696Same
28Chi White Sox-338962100Same
29Kansas City-402958104Same
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The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)

The Strangers are back, but this time, there is no Liv Tyler. Instead we get a family of four who head to a relative’s trailer park for a little R and R. Little do they know. they are about to have a very bad night.

Things get real creepy fast as the two kids go for a night walk to clear their heads and discover their murdered aunt and uncle. Things continue to spiral out after the family slowly realizes they a being stalked by psychopaths.

Once the craziness begins, it is relentless, but the family members keep making stupid decisions like splitting up whenever possible and not shooting an attacker when they clearly intend to murder you.

Then you got the overused slow zoom effect, which would have been great in moderation. The first movie made much better use of subtle scares and atmosphere. This movie was much more in your face.


Available to stream on Amazon Prime

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you… in this remake of the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

Some teenagers start having nightmares that feel too real, where they are being stalked by a creeper with knife fingers. When several start dying gruesome deaths, two of the kids dig up some painful history to learn the knifey burn victim is Freddy Krueger, a pedophile gardener at the preschool they used to attend who was burned to death by their parents.

While the original 1984 movie was very enjoyable, I can see how there might be some urge to update to a more modern look and feel. This is a mistake, because they need to do more than just poop out better visuals. Jackie Earle Haley plays Freddy in a manner consistent with Robert Englund’s menacing playfulness, but more gritty and less playful.

The problem is that the suspense feels forced and the cast of youthful teenagers just aren’t that memorable or worthy of our compassion. The plot relies too heavily on filling in the backstory about Freddy’s disgusting child molesting tendencies. Knowing about that makes me cringe a little and gag a lot, but I can’t say it improves the whole movie-watching experience.


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