MLB Power Rankings – Week 8

The Yankees and Red Sox continue to dominate. The Nationals, despite having most of the week off, shit the bed. AL Central continues to be an embarrassment. How about those A’s, 2 wins against the Red Sox and 4 game sweep on the Blue Jays.

1NY Yankees38930-13Same
4Houston24130-18Up 4
5Philadelphia22526-18Up 2
6Milwaukee19028-19Up 3
7LA Angels15626-21Down 3
8Chi Cubs13825-19Up 2
9St. Louis13725-19Up 2
9NY Mets13723-19Up 5
11Arizona13125-21Down 5
12Oakland11525-22Up 7
13Washington11224-21Down 8
14Seattle11027-19Up 1
15Colorado8525-22Down 2
16Pittsburg7726-20Down 4
17San Fracisco024-24Same
18Tampa Bay-3322-23Up 3
19Toronto-5922-25Down 3
20Cleveland-6422-23Down 2
21Minnesota-9119-23Down 1
22San Diego-12020-28Up 2
24LA Dodgers-20620-26Up 1
25Texas-21218-30Down 3
26Detroit-28520-26Up 1
27Cincinnati-29516-32Down 1
29Chi White Sox-45213-30Up 1
30Kansas City-47414-32Down 1
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Iron Man 2

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The Incredible Hulk

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Black Panther (2018)

I think the reason why Black Panther became such a critical and commercial success was because it was fresh and inventive. It was nice to get a comic book movie about a superhero no one really paid much attention to. Instead of a Spiderman or Batman that everyone already pretty much knows everything about, we got an obscure character who was briefly shown in the previous Captain America: Civil War.

T’Challa played by Chadwick Boseman becomes King of Wakanda and must decide if it’s best to keep the fictional African nation a secret and protected or come out of hiding and potentially help the world with the powerful meteor metal known as vibranium.

Along the way, King T’Challa (the Black Panther) is challenged by Killmonger who has a vendetta against Wakanda and the person who murdered his father. Even though he is a ruthless villain, you still empathize with his situation.

There are a lot of cool action scenes and the story is both inspiring and human, which is rare with comic book movies. Too often, you get all the glitzy visuals, but little soul.


MLB Power Rankings – Week 7

The highly unanticipated debut of my baseball power rankings is here. We are 7 weeks into the season and the league has played more games than twice as many games an entire NFL season. Looks like the Yankees and Red Sox are going to be the favorites this year. The American League Central (my Tigers division) on the other hand doesnt have a single team with a positive score. I cant wait to see how this plays out throughout the season.

1NY Yankees35428-12Same
3Atlanta18324-15Up 3
4LA Angels17624-16Same
5Washington16824-18Up 9
6Arizona16124-16Down 3
7Philadelphia16023-16Up 6
9Milwaukee12724-17Up 6
10Chi Cubs10621-16Up 1
11St. Louis9922-16Down 6
12Pittsburg9423-17Up 6
13Colorado7922-19Down 4
14NY Mets6319-18Down 4
15Seattle6122-17Down 3
17San Fracisco-920-21Down 10
18Cleveland-1020-19Up 3
19Oakland-1719-21Down 2
20Minnesota-5617-19Up 5
21Tampa Bay-10816-22Down 2
22Texas-12816-26Up 1
23Miami-15714-26Down 1
24San Diego-16516-26Same
25LA Dodgers-19216-24Down 5
26Cincinnati-21614-27Up 3
27Detroit-23817-22Down 1
29Kansas City-34413-27Down 2
30Chi White Sox-37810-27Same
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Iron Man

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Avengers: Infinity War

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The Cove of Storms

After a day of celebration with our friends in Alna it was time to set out again. The second trial would take us the the Cove of Storms, a three day hike, due east. The purpose of our journey was to each recover a glisten shell.

The trek there was uneventful. The cove was surrounded by high cliffs. Despite the coves name, the water lapped gently on the pristine white beach. The sand was smooth and there were small sea creatures and birds playing in the sand and around the 3 giant rocks that were scattered on the beach. In the center of the cove there emerged a a stepped pyramid upon which sat six glisten shells.

It seemed that this was going to be a very easy task. Kriv would use his Cloak of the Manta Ray to swim out to the monument, collect the shells, and we would be on our way. Then, as we approached the boulders, everything changed. It turned out that they were actually giant crab men. Though we doubled their numbers these creatures were powerful foes. It took some serious team work but we managed to defeat them.

After narrowly avoiding disaster, we gathered our prizes and began the trip home. Along the way we are confronted by a party of gnolls. These primitive creatures were little challenge for us as we quickly dispatched them. With two more encounters under our belts we were able to return to Alna more powerful than we left.

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The Cave of Shadows

For a little while now, I have been calling the village of Alna my home. Nestled in the woods, it is a place that is surrounded by natural beauty. It is unencumbered by buildings, walls, fences and other things meant only for keeping people out. Those who live here do so for two reasons. One, they are no longer welcome where they came from and two, the other residents have chosen to let them stay.

Today is a special day for a small group of us. Today is our name day. Our group is as diverse as the population of Alna. There is the dragonborn sorcerer, Kriv. The lizard folk, Lish and the half-orc, Grulog, both of whom are barbarians. Then there are the wood elves. The ranger Nihil and her druid sister whos name I cant seem to recall.

The mayor, Nibsom, summoned us to the center of the village. A small crowd gathers and he explains that in order to remain in Alna, we must prove our worth. To do so we must undergo 3 trials. Each more difficult than the last.

Our first trial takes place in The Cave of Shadows. Almost immediately upon entering the cave we could tell it was a dangerous place. Four giant spiders were milling about in the first rotunda. With two powerful fighters, a couple of spell casters, a master archer and my stealth there was no doubt the six of us would be able to handle four spiders without much trouble. Unfortunately, while we were finishing up the first two, some of us werent paying attention, and two more fiends snuck in. This mistake nearly cost us everything. We managed to overcome this surprise and learned a great deal from the encounter. Badly hurt, we decided to make camp for the night. But not before dining on some delicious spider stew!

In the morning we went further into the cave. Here we found a strange shrine. on the floor there was a very large blue glyph. On one wall there was a gigantic stone cauldron with a red liquid in it. The liquid had the consistency of cherry flavored sugar water. Though, non of us dared drink it.  The back of the shrine had a strange statue in it. It appears that the jaw of the statue opens and closes but we were unable to find a way to activate it. Perhaps the most perplexing thing was the four scarecrows laying randomly around the shrine.

After a little bit of investigation, Grulog got bored and threw one of the scarecrows into the middle of the glyph. The moment the straw hit the ground the glyph turned red and all of the scarecrows sprang to life. Having learned from our mistakes in the previous battle we defeated them in no time flat. When the last pile of hay met its demise, the jaws of the statue opened. Inside we found six, round, golden coins. Each coin had a hole in its center and one of our names on it. We have completed the first trial. Time to head back to Alna and find out what we face next.

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