MLB Power Ranking – Week 14

The top 3 shuffled again. Not only that, but the Mariners had a perfect week and left the pack behind. They may not have moved up any ranks but theyre right on the heals of the leaders. The A’s and Rays had a great week. The Indians and Nationals dropped. In fact, the entire AL Central is a flaming pile of poo.

1NY Yankees116950-25Up 1
2Boston111052-27Up 1
3Houston105352-27Down 2
5Chi Cubs45842-33Up 4
6Philadelphia45541-34Up 2
7Arizona44044-33Down 2
8Atlanta43944-32Down 1
9Milwaukee42145-32Down 3
10Oakland32340-38Up 5
11San Fracisco26740-39Up 3
12Tampa Bay24037-40Up 5
13LA Dodgers21941-35Down 2
14Cleveland18743-33Down 4
15LA Angels8541-37Down 2
16Washington7941-35Down 4
17St. Louis1640-36Down 1
18Toronto-13636-41Up 1
19Colorado-14338-40Down 1
21Texas-24834-45Up 1
22Cincinnati-43132-45Up 4
23San Diego-45835-45Same
24Minnesota-47134-40Down 3
25NY Mets-53231-44Down 1
26Miami-64631-47Up 1
27Detroit-70036-42Down 2
28Chi White Sox-119226-51Same
30Kansas City-138023-54Same
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Thor: Ragnarok

Watch it!

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Jaws (1975)

It’s never safe to go back in the water and most kids stayed very far away from the beach after this movie came out.

Stephen Spielberg crafts a terrifying tale from the novel by Peter Benchley about a great white shark hunting near a summer tourist island.

Not only is it one of the best summer horror/suspense movies, but also my favorite 4th of July flick.

As people start dying in theĀ jaws of this large animal, the town sheriff (Roy Scheider) must do what’s necessary to save the town residents and the town’s reputation. With the help of an ocean scientist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a crusty shark hunter (Robert Shaw), the three set out on a fishing boat to hunt the shark before anyone else is killed.

The writing and acting are pretty good, but what really stands out is the menace of the aquatic beast which is largely unseen at first, due to problems with the mechanical sharks. I think if the shark had been more visible early on, it would have killed the build up of suspense. Combine the subtle creature encounters with John Williams’ riveting score (dun-duh dun-duh) and you’ve got a recipe for soiled undies.

After 40+ years, it looks and feels a bit dated, but the story and the characters hold up for yearly viewings.



Oceans Eight

Watch it.

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You’ve Been Warned…

So, you thought you’d have to wait until October to get some new horror movie reviews? You were dead wrong.

Starting on July 1st, I’ll be reviewing seven movies to celebrate the carnage that is our Independence Day.

Here is the tentative list of mayhem:

  • Uncle Sam (1996)
  • Jaws (1975)
  • The Purge: Election Year (2016)
  • The Bay (2012)
  • Jaws 2 (1978)
  • You Are Not Alone (2016)
  • Jaws 3-D (1983)

Prepare yourself for the week of patriotic summer terror!

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Watch it.

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Doctor Strange

Watch it!

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MLB Power Rankings – Week 13

The Astros manage to sneak past the Yankees to take #1. The Reds won all of their games but only moved up one spot. The Tigers lost all of their games but only moved down one spot. The Indians also had a perfect week and moved up 2 spots. Its nice to seem them finally playing like a division leader.

1Houston98252-27Up 1
2NY Yankees96650-25Down 1
5Arizona47644-33Up 3
7Atlanta35644-32Down 2
8Philadelphia33641-34Up 1
9Chi Cubs30742-33Down 2
10Cleveland26443-33Up 2
11LA Dodgers21441-35Up 2
12Washington20541-35Down 2
13LA Angels20141-37Down 2
14San Fracisco10240-39Up 2
15Oakland9640-38Down 1
16St. Louis4840-36Down 1
17Tampa Bay1737-40Up 1
18Colorado-14438-40Up 1
19Toronto-14536-41Up 1
20Pittsburg-20836-41Down 3
21Minnesota-25334-40Up 2
22Texas-26734-45Up 3
23San Diego-32935-45Down 1
24NY Mets-36631-44Down 3
25Detroit-46336-42Down 1
26Cincinnati-47832-45Up 1
27Miami-55931-47Down 1
28Chi White Sox-105726-51Same
29Baltimore-108323-53Up 1
30Kansas City-122923-54Down 1
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Captain America: Civil War

Watch it!

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Sempronius is Missing

When we awoke in the barracks of dragon mountain, Sempronius was gone. After a little bit of investigation, we realized that he wasnt just gone. He had been taken. Not only that, but the Yellow Orb was missing too. The abductor appeared to disappear into the wall. Go through the court yard, meet up with some companions and then vanish through another wall. Just on the other side, we found a used teleportation circle. We quickly drew a copy of the circle in the hopes that someone would be able to translate it for us. With nothing left to do here, we traveled back to the Shining Tower.

On the second night of our journey to The Shining Tower, a young dwarven girl came to Garruk in the night. She told him that we were not worthy of possessing the pendants and that if we wanted our friend back we would have to trade them for him. Garruk felt that the dwarves were not the threat as the girl seemed to be enchanted. We decided to continue and seek out a wizard in The Shining Tower.

When we reach the city gates the guards stop us and we are required to identify ourselves. It seems the upraising of the followers of Odin is getting out of hand. After we are approved, the guards inform me that Selus would like to see me. Cole searches out a blacksmith and Garruk goes hunting for magical items.

Selus welcomes me and invites me into his chambers. He congratulates me on all the work we have been doing to find the orbs and pendants and tells me that I have been promoted to the position of Inquisitor. With this title comes both perks and responsibilities. I am to continue my quest for the orbs and report back with any information I find as often as I am able. To help me in this quest I am granted free stay at any of the temples of Zues. Additionally, I have been given a beautiful suit of plate armor. This armor, which is adorned with golden lightning bolts offers magical protection against both thunder and lightning attacks. I have no doubt that I have found favor with Zues as a gift so great could not be earned without it.

When I present the drawing of the teleportation circle to Selus he suggests that we report to Stormgear. Stormgear interprets the runes for me and explains that the spell would take one past the Silent Planes. Unfortunately, he is unable to use the teleporter to transport to locations other than the other teleporters. He suggests that we find a wizard who is capable of casting teleportation.

The next night there is a small banquet to celebrate my promotion. I am introduced to the Head Inquisitor, Stannis, and several of my contemporaries. Stannis seems unimpressed but everyone verifies that he always comes off that way, no matter the situation.

With all of our affairs in order, our next task is to find a wizard who will be able to help us track down Sempronius. Hopefully we run into Chandra and Grim along the way and they can help us rescue our lost friend.

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