NFL Power Rankings Wild Card Week

With the regular season at its end, the Vikings have claimed the number one spot. The Patriots, Steelers and Eagles are not far behind. Its no wonder that those teams are each getting a bye this year in the playoffs. Perhaps the thing Im most excited about is the Browns. The 0-16 Browns with -139 points.

1Vikings8813-3Up 1
2Patriots8613-3Up 1
3Eagles8013-3Down 2
5Panthers6411-5Up 1
6Saints6311-5Down 1
9Chiefs3010-6Up 1
10Jaguars1910-6Down 1
11Lions179-7Up 2
12Cowboys179-7Up 4
13Seahawks169-7Down 2
15Chargers79-7Up 2
16Ravens39-7Down 4
17Titans19-7Up 2
18Cardinals-38-8Up 2
19Redskins-87-9Down 4
20Packers-87-9Down 2
22Bengals-277-9Up 2
23Raiders-336-10Down 1
2449ers-336-10Up 1
25Bears-395-11Down 2
26Buccaneers-405-11Up 2
27Jets-495-11Down 1
28Broncos-565-11Down 1
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NFL Power Rankings Week 17

The top 7 teams all won this week and are making a mark. I wouldnt want to face a single one of them in the playoffs this January. The Browns are now one game away from a perfect season. A trip to Pittsburgh next week makes 0-16 a very strong possibility. My Lions once again proved that mediocre coaching results in mediocre playing.

11Seahawks239-6Up 1
12Ravens129-6Up 2
13Lions88-7Down 2
14Bills88-7Down 1
15Redskins67-8Up 2
16Cowboys38-7Down 1
17Chargers18-7Up 1
18Packers07-8Down 2
20Cardinals-137-8Up 1
21Dolphins-166-9Down 1
22Raiders-246-9Down 5
23Bears-335-10Up 1
24Bengals-356-9Up 2
2549ers-415-10Up 4
26Jets-425-10Down 3
27Broncos-485-10Down 2
28Buccaneers-494-11Down 1
29Texans-534-11Down 1
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NFL Power Rankings Week 16

The Eagles take the #1 spot in a highly contested top 6. The Browns continue to run away at the bottom with their perfect season. What really interests me though is the 8-6 Titans are 19th and the 6-8 Redskins are 17th.

1Eagles6812-2Up 1
2Vikings6611-3Up 1
3Patriots6511-3Up 1
4Steelers6211-3Down 3
10Chiefs168-6Up 4
11Lions158-6Up 2
12Seahawks138-6Down 2
13Bills128-6Up 3
14Ravens98-6Down 3
15Cowboys88-6Up 4
16Packers27-7Down 1
17Redskins-26-8Up 4
18Chargers-37-7Down 1
19Titans-48-6Down 5
20Dolphins-76-8Down 2
21Cardinals-156-8Down 1
25Broncos-365-9Up 2
26Bengals-405-9Down 1
27Buccaneers-404-10Down 1
2949ers-514-10Up 1
30Colts-653-11Down 1
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Top Tens: Best Christmas Movies To Watch Every Year

1. Home Alone (1990)

Kevin! It's one of the all time greats where the kid is left behind at Christmas and must save his home from two bumbling burglars.

2. A Christmas Story (1983)

Ralphie just wants a BB gun for Christmas and everyone says he'll shoot his eye out.

3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)

Clark W. Griswold is back and this time the family stays home for some good old Christmas fun.

4. Die Hard (1988)

He's a tough cop from New York and he's about to have a really bad day when some terrorists take over a skyscraper.

5. Jingle All The Way (1997)

Arnold embarks on a wild adventure to track down the hottest toy of the season for his son.

6. Elf (2003)

Will Ferrell plays Buddy the innocent elf who is on a mission to find his real dad at Christmas.

7. Scrooged (1988)

Bill Murray plays the humbugger who needs an awakening of the Christmas spirit.

8. Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1967)

The original classic tells the story of a green creature who finds Christmas cheer.

9. The Santa Clause (1994)

Tim Allen plays a regular guy who assumes the role of Santa Claus after an unfortunate accident.

10. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Kevin flies to New York instead of Florida and spends the holiday in the Big Apple by himself.

NFL Power Rankings Week 15

Lets start at the bottom. The Browns almost upset the Packers but lost in overtime. The Chiefs got a much needed win to prove that despite being the division leader they are only slightly above average. The Jaguars prove theyre the real thing with a win against the Seahawks. Not to mention the Falcons, Panthers, Eagles, and Steelers all had double digit point increases.

1Steelers6211-2Up 2
2Eagles5911-2Up 3
3Vikings5510-3Down 2
4Patriots5010-3Down 2
5Saints489-4Down 1
6Panthers469-4Up 1
7Rams369-4Down 1
8Falcons318-5Up 1
9Jaguars299-4Down 1
10Seahawks168-5Up 1
11Ravens117-6Up 1
12Titans108-5Down 2
13Lions107-6Up 1
14Chiefs87-6Up 2
15Packers77-6Down 2
16Bills57-6Down 1
17Chargers17-6Up 3
18Dolphins06-7Up 3
20Cardinals-76-7Up 2
21Redskins-105-8Down 4
22Raiders-136-7Down 4
24Bears-244-9Up 3
25Bengals-325-8Down 1
27Broncos-364-9Up 2
28Texans-394-9Down 3
29Colts-503-10Down 1
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Late Season Picks

OK, lets see how my picks are holding up.

East: Patriots (10-2)
The Patriots have almost clinched the division. They have one tough game left against the Steelers. The winner of that game will probably get the number 1 seed in the AFC. Im picking the the Patriots. Theyll finish 14-2.

North: Steelers (10-2)
Just like the Patriots, the Steelers are on fire right now. They will clinch their division this week and should have a bye week in the playoffs. Theyll finish 13-3.

South: Jaguars (8-4)
This division has surprised me. Two teams with winning records. Not just winning but 8-4. The Titans have a chance but I think it comes down to who can win in week 17. And I think the Jaguars can win in week 17. Theyll end up 11-5.

West: Chiefs (6-6)
Worst division in the league. If the rest of the AFC wasnt so shitty I would say they shouldnt get to send a team to the playoffs. Whoever wins the Chargers/Chiefs game in week 15 will take this division. The Chiefs should end at 9-7.

Wild Card: Ravens (7-5)
The Ravens will sneak into the playoffs at 10-6.

Wild Card: Titans (8-4)
Yup, 2 teams from the AFC South. The AFC is broken this year. Titans get in at 10-6.

East: Eagles (10-2)
The Eagles only face one tough team the remainder of the season. And its a second week out West so the Rams might play spoiler like the Seahawks did. That said, the Eagles roll over their last three opponents and finish 13-3.

North: Vikings (10-2)
The best team in the league. They should be able to take care of the Panthers this week and clinch the division. Theyll finish 13-3.

South: Saints (9-3)
This is the best division in the league. Drew Breeze and the Saints still have to play the Falcons twice. Theyll have to win one of those to end up 12-4 to take the division.

West: Seahawks (8-4)
As I said mid season, this is going to come down to week 15s game between the Seahawks and Rams. I think the Seahawks win and take the division at 11-5.

Wild Card: Rams (9-3)
The Rams are going to just miss division champ. Theyll finish 11-5.

Wild Card: Panthers (8-4)
Panthers finish second in the South at 11-5.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 14

Vikings take the top spot and look unstoppable. The Eagles drop 4 spots with a loss to the Seahawks Sunday night. The Giants decided to bench Eli. Apparently theyre trying to take the title of worst team ever from the Browns. The Browns want nothing to do with that. The AFC West has a combined score of -52.

1Vikings5610-2Up 1
2Patriots5310-2Up 1
3Steelers5110-2Up 1
4Saints509-3Up 1
5Eagles4310-2Down 4
6Rams379-3Up 1
7Panthers328-4Down 1
8Jaguars218-4Up 1
9Falcons197-5Down 1
11Seahawks198-4Up 2
12Ravens137-5Up 4
13Packers66-6Up 4
14Lions56-6Down 3
15Bills26-6Down 1
16Chiefs16-6Down 4
17Redskins-25-7Down 2
18Raiders-66-6Up 1
19Cowboys-66-6Up 1
20Chargers-76-6Down 2
21Dolphins-85-7Up 1
22Cardinals-155-7Down 1
23Jets-155-7Up 4
24Bengals-215-7Up 2
26Buccaneers-244-8Down 3
27Bears-293-9Down 3
28Colts-393-9Up 1
29Broncos-403-9Down 1
3049ers-562-10Up 1
31Giants-572-10Down 1
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NFL Power Rankings Week 13

Despite only losing one point, the Saints loss to the Rams cost them 4 spots this week. The NFC continues to dominate with 6 of the top 8 teams and only 2 of the bottom 8. The Patriots and Falcons are in almost the exact same spot they were this time last year.

1Eagles4610-1Up 1
2Vikings459-2Up 3
4Steelers429-2Up 1
5Saints398-3Down 4
7Rams288-3Up 1
8Falcons207-4Up 1
9Jaguars157-4Down 2
10Titans127-4Up 2
12Chiefs96-5Down 2
14Bills56-5Up 3
17Packers15-6Down 3
18Chargers-75-6Up 4
19Raiders-95-6Up 5
20Cowboys-105-6Down 2
21Cardinals-115-6Up 5
22Dolphins-134-7Down 2
23Buccaneers-154-7Down 4
24Bears-163-8Down 1
25Texans-174-7Down 4
26Bengals-175-6Up 1
27Jets-204-7Down 2
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Top Tens: Early 90s Comedies That Nobody Cared About

The 1990s were a transitional period when the bombast of the 80s hit the dawn of the technology age full blast. I went to see a lot of movies in the theater and I watched even more on home video. Here is my list of ten forgotten comedy gems of the early 90s.

  1. Bill Murray plays Bob, the extremely phobic mental patient who tracks down his vacationing doctor to continue his therapy.
  2. Dana Carvey is a con man who assumes the identity of a house sitter to steal some money to pay off a gangster.
  3. Martin Short plays a precocious boy whose only goal is to go to the Dinosaur World theme park.
  4. Chris Elliot plays a “fancy lad” who accidentally boards the wrong boat.
  5. Martin Short takes his family on a crappy sailboat adventure with Kurt Russell as their eccentric captain.
  6. Mike Myers wonders if his new wife is actually a serial axe murderer.
  7. Frank Whaley is an idiot overnight janitor at a Target and encounters a love interest and two thieves in one crazy shift.
  8. Dana Carvey plays a private investigator with amnesia that prevents him from remembering what happened the previous day.
  9. Chevy Chase and Demi Moore are a couple who take a wrong turn on a road trip and find themselves in deep hillbilly doo-doo.
  10. Martin Short is the world’s second most unlucky person. Danny Glover enlists his help to find the world’s most unlucky person.

NFL Power Rankings Week 12

The Falcons get a huge win against the Seahawks to prove theyre still viable. That said, there is still a huge gap between 5th and 7th place right now.

5Steelers348-2Up 1
6Panthers287-3Down 1
7Jaguars197-3Up 2
9Falcons156-4Up 4
10Chiefs136-4Down 3
11Lions136-4Up 3
12Titans76-4Down 1
13Seahawks46-4Down 3
14Packers45-5Down 2
16Ravens-15-5Up 3
17Bills-25-5Down 1
18Cowboys-35-5Down 1
19Buccaneers-94-6Up 5
20Dolphins-104-6Down 2
21Texans-114-6Up 4
22Chargers-114-6Up 5
23Bears-123-7Down 3
24Raiders-134-6Down 3
25Jets-154-6Down 2
26Cardinals-164-6Down 4
27Bengals-164-6Up 1
28Broncos-233-7Down 2
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