NFL Picks – Championship Week

Lets see how I did last week…

Colts (11-6) @ Chiefs (12-4): Chiefs
The Colts had a good run. The Chiefs were too much though. There really wasnt a moment in this game that it felt like the Colts had a chance.

Cowboys (11-6) @ Rams (13-3): Rams
It went pretty much as you would expect. The Cowboys, despite never being very far behind, were never really in this game.

Chargers (13-4) @ Patriots (11-5): Chargers Patriots
There seems to be a rule. There are but a few teams that are able to beat Tom Brady in the postseason. The Chargers are not one of them. And, none of them are left…

Eagles (10-7) @ Saints (13-3): Eagles Saints
I really thought this would be the big upset of the playoffs. As it turns out, the Eagles never had a chance. If you want to beat the Saints in the playoffs youre going to need to be able to score after the 1st quarter.

Two games left to determine who gets to play in the Super Bowl. The remaining 4 teams are the 2 number 1 and number 2 seeds. They are also 4 of the top 5 teams ranked on the 64tacos power rankings.

Rams (14-3) @ Saints (14-3): Saints
These two teams have been at the top of our power rankings since early in the season. They have the most wins this season. They are the top 2 seeds in the NFC. One of them is going to the Super Bowl. I wont be surprised by any outcome in this game other than a low score. The Saints won the last time they met. I think theyll do it again.

Patriots (12-5) @ Chiefs (13-4): Patriots
As much as I want to pick the Chiefs, I just cant. The Chiefs are not one of the teams that can beat Tom Brady in the post season. Andy Reid is not one of the Coaches that can beat Bill Belichick in the playoffs. The only chance is Mahomes.

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NFL Power Rankings – Divisional

It boggles the mind how close the Rams and Saints have been all season. They are tied at first again. Next week will determine, once and for all, which is the better team this season. Despite a victory in Gillette stadium, the Patriots couldnt quite score higher than the Chargers. The final 4 teams are in the top 5.

1Up 1Rams961214-30
3Up 1Chiefs771113-40
4Down 1Chargers70-513-50
19Up 1Bengals-26-16-100
19Down 1Redskins-26-47-90
19Up 2Dolphins-2607-90
22Up 1Packers-3206-91
27Up 1Buccaneers-4905-110
28Down 1Giants-52-55-110
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NFL Picks – Divisional Week

Looks like I went 2-2 this week. I dont know if there has been a week where kickers were more important to their teams success…

Colts 10-6 @ Texans 11-5: Texans Colts
The Colts are on fire. There was nothing that the Texans could do. Lets see how far they can take this.

Seahawks 10-6 @ Cowboys 10-6: Seahawks Cowboys
Its never good when your kicker goes out at the end of the first half. Seahawks had to drastically alter their game plan when Janikowski got injured and it ended their season.

Chargers 12-4 @ Ravens 10-6: Chargers
The Ravens gave it their best but the Chargers were too much. Michael Badgley scored almost as many points for the Chargers as the whole Ravens team.

Eagles 9-7 @ Bears 12-4: Eagles
Dont ever count Nick Foles out. Looks like Philadelphia has a new “Mr. Playoffs!” Yeah, they got some help from the old double-doink, but sometimes thats how it goes.

We have an exciting week coming up. The Chargers are the only team left who hasnt won the Super Bowl. I think they are primed to make a run.

Colts (11-6) @ Chiefs (12-4): Chiefs
The Colts, well, I just dont know what to think. A few weeks ago this would have been an easy pick but now I dont know. Im rooting for Andy Reed this season so Im going to have to go with the stats.

Cowboys (11-6) @ Rams (13-3): Rams
I wasnt impressed with the Cowboys win over the Seahawks. I think this well rested Rams team is going to roll over the Cowboys and never look back.

Chargers (13-4) @ Patriots (11-5): Chargers
Normally I dont pick against the Patriots in the playoffs (or ever for that matter) but this year feels different. Its hard for me to picture an AFC championship without the Chargers. Hell, this may be Rivers year for a ring.

Eagles (10-7) @ Saints (13-3): Eagles
Yes, Im picking the number 6 seed to beat the number 1 seed, and arguably best team in the league.

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NFL Power Rankings – Wild Card Week

The Colts and Eagles were the big winners this week. Texans and Bears remain ranked higher than the teams that knocked them out of the playoffs.

2Down 1Rams84013-30
3Up 1Chargers751013-40
4Down 1Chiefs66012-40
5Up 1Patriots50111-50
6Down 1Bears45-812-50
7Up 2Cowboys441111-60
8Down 1Texans41-511-60
9Up 3Colts391211-60
10Up 3Eagles371410-70
11Down 3Ravens31-410-70
12Down 1Steelers27-19-61
13Down 3Seahawks24-710-70
14Down 1Titans2309-70
18Up 1Redskins-2207-90
21Down 1Dolphins-26-17-90
23Down 1Packers-32-26-91
24Down 2Bills-33-36-100
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NFL Picks – Wildcard Week

Colts 10-6 @ Texans 11-5: Texans
The Colts have made a magnificent December run to get to the playoffs this year. Thats going to end in January.

Seahawks 10-6 @ Cowboys 10-6: Seahawks
The Seahawks have the experience. I feel like the Cowboys got lucky this year.

Chargers 12-4 @ Ravens 10-6: Chargers
The fact that the Chargers have to play this game on the road is the biggest flaw with the NFLs playoff structure. They are going to go to Baltimore and destroy the ravens.

Eagles 9-7 @ Bears 12-4: Eagles
I hate to pick against a team that is 12-4 going into the playoffs. But, if last year taught me anything, picking against the Nick Foles lead Eagles isnt going to work out.

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NFL Standings – End of Regular Season

AFC East: Patriots (11-5)
The rest of the East fell apart at the end of the season. Hell, the Pats only went 2-2 in the last 4. But they clinched a first round bye.

AFC North: Bengals Steelers Ravens (10-6)
The Ravens snuck past the Steelers by a half game, extending their season for another week. And that will be all for them.

AFC South: Texans (11-5)
A bit of a cool down the last 4 weeks for the Texans. I have to think it was a bit of a senior slump. With not much to play for and the teams they were playing scratching for the last playoff spot.

AFC West: Chiefs (12-4)
The Chiefs and Chargers are the 2 best teams in the AFC. They will likely face each other and I think the winner takes the Lombardy Trophy this year.

AFC Wildcard: Chargers (12-4), Ravens Colts (10-6)
In a long shot, the Colts win 4 straight to steal the last playoff spot.

NFC East: Redskins Cowboys (10-6)
Im not sure how this division is sending 2 teams to the playoffs.

NFC North: Bears (12-4)
The Bears are on fire, winning 4 straight. The rest of the north is a big turd.

NFC South: Saints (13-3)
The Saints could have been 14-2 if they had shown up last week. I think the most interesting thing about this division is the Panthers and Falcons at 7-9. What happened?!?!?!

NFC West: Rams (13-3)
The Seahawks are by far the best 2nd place team in the NFC. Second best doesnt get you home field or first round by. The Rams get that.

NFC Wildcard: Panthers Seahawks (10-6), Vikings Eagles (9-7)
The Eagles are the worst team in the playoffs this year. But, They just might ruin everything for everyone else. Nick Foles for president?

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Bird Box (2018)

In this thriller from Netflix, Sandra Bullock plays Malorie, a survivor of an apocalyptic event must protect her two children on a trip down a river while blindfolded.

The movie sets the stage with rules that govern the universe it creates. Anyone who “sees” the invisible creatures will become suicidal and immediately try to kill themselves. Also, there are crazies who have essentially become advocates for the end of the world and go around trying to force people to look at the creatures.

The story shows the “present” timeline, but also shows much of the background when the shit hit the fan and everyone was trying to figure out what was happening.

There is so much to love about the movie and so little to find fault in. The cast is great: Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes are particularly wonderful. John Malkovich is also superb as always as the character you really despise despite his bitter honesty.

There are a lot of comparisons to A Quiet Place due to its post-apocalyptic setting and the sensory plot element (visual and auditory). I think Bird Box ends up winning the trophy for all around better movie. It’s much more satisfying and intelligent. The characters in Bird Box did logical things and it felt much more realistic. The monsters in A Quiet Place were a little too visible, making them less menacing.

If you like post-apocalyptic and moody thrillers with intelligent characters, you should check this one out.


NFL Power Rankings – Week 17

The Saints took the week off which allowed the Rams to join them at #1. The Steelers are the best team not going to the playoffs. Without Mariota in at QB the Titans took the biggest fall. The Cardinals solidified their position in last place with a last second loss to the Seahawks.

1Up 1Rams8491330
8Up 1Ravens3591060
9Up 1Cowboys3381060
11Up 1Steelers288961
12Up 1Colts27101060
13Up 1Eagles238970
13Down 5Titans23-4970
17Up 6Panthers-1513790
18Up 3Falcons-213790
19Down 2Redskins-22-9790
20Down 1Bengals-25-86100
20Down 3Dolphins-25-12790
22Up 3Bills-3066100
22Down 1Broncos-30-66100
22Down 2Packers-30-11691
25Up 3Lions-3556100
26Down 2Jaguars-41-75110
28Down 3Buccaneers-48-125110
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A Christmas Story (1983)

This is arguably the best Christmas movie. It’s heart-warming, hilarious, and is just as relevant today, even though the movie is set in the early 1940s and came out in the early 80s.

Join Ralphie Parker on his misadventures at Christmas time. All he wants for Christmas is a BB gun, but everyone thinks it’s too dangerous for him.

Among the many enjoyable moments, you have Ralphie’s dad receiving a “major award” – the lady leg lamp, Ralphie dropping the F-bomb, Ralphie decoding a secret message on a radio program, and Ralphie going apeshit on a bully.

I think the best part of it is Peter Billingsley as Ralphie. This kid played the shit out of the role and nailed every nuance of the character. He was serious and straight for the important bits and then broke out the cheeseball stuff for his various daydream sequences.

When the credits finally roll, you are left with blissful satisfaction. And then you watch it again on the TBS marathon. “Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra”


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NFL Power Rankings – Week 16

The Steelers loss to the Saints may just be a sign that they are not ready for the playoffs this year. They had the biggest drop and are going to have to have some help next week to to keep the season going. The Seahawks on the other hand just might be the team to play spoiler this post season.

5Up 1Bears4271140
6Up 1Patriots4171050
7Down 2Texans39-41050
8Up 1Titans279960
9Up 2Ravens2611960
10Up 2Seahawks2513960
12Down 4Steelers20-1861
14Up 1Eagles1513870
15Down 1Vikings147861
17Up 1Redskins-13-6780
17Down 1Dolphins-13-10780
20Up 2Packers-194681
21Up 3Falcons-245690
21Down 1Broncos-24-15690
23Down 2Panthers-28-11690
24Up 4Jaguars-3455100
25Down 1Bills-36-75100
25Down 2Buccaneers-36-95100
27Down 1Giants-38-85100
28Down 1Lions-40-85100
29Up 2Raiders-5314110
30Down 1Jets-59-124110
31Down 149ers-62-94110
Highlights from all of the Week 16 games.
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